About this blog

So you found this blog and are wondering: What is this about? Who writes here? What does “Doxanthropos” mean? Why is the english so bad?

In case these are some questions, you might have, here is my attempt at an answer:

This is a blog from one person, me, that is interested in a bunch of things: Free (as in freedom) Software, online learning (especially MOOCs), Yoga and other stuff. So it is safe to assume, that I might write about these things, when I want to.

“Doxanthropos” has nothing to do with doxing (or doxxing), in fact I had not heard about this practise when I “invented” this name for my first blog, which is gone for some time. It is a mixture built from the ancient greek words “doxa”, which means meaning/opinion and “anthropos” which is known to mean man/human. This new word can be used as a cautionary warning: what I write in a blog, will be opinion or at least opinionated, even it it looks like bare fact. Humans tend to do that, having opinions.

My goal, language-wise in this blog is to write in english, because I don’t want to restrict myself to the stange filter bubble, that is germany. But having not that much practise in writing english, only in listening and reading, it will be broken english, the language of the internet.


4 thoughts on “About this blog

    • You really made me think about language a lot more than I did, when I started the blog. For now, I came to the conclusion, that I prefer one language instead of changing between them, but I might in the near future write more in german as I already do on my more technical blog Monoton und Minimal, maybe also change its focus a bit. The metaphor o the filter bubble was coined by Eli Pariser as a book title where he wrote about the sideeffects of personalizing search results and ads. Over time the user gets only the results, that fit into his worldview and looses contact to any other information. I think that this applies also to the different parts of the internet that are specific to regional languages and I don’t really like the german speaking part, especially when it comes to the topic of online learning (maybe you know the northern german saying: Wat de Buer nich kennt, dat frett he nich. That’s to me the mentality of the current discussion about online learning in Germany).

      • Thanks for your explanation! I understand your point of view and I think this filter bubble is scarry. Especially if you don’t like the German’s attitude to online learning you should write in German about the topic to change the mentality 😉

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