Still learning

Yesterday I read an insightful article about the value of blogs for academics and students. While I agreed with the content, I had to realize, that I myself had not blogged for a long time about anything, let alone about my experiences in learning (maybe you remember that I started to follow the curriculum of freeCodeCamp) and that with missing out in this part, I did not come to reflect on what I was learning in the past month as much as it would be advisable (and it is advisable to reflect on your own learning). So I will try to catch up with that.

FreeCodeCamp is still my main path of self learning, because I plan to be able to call myself a web developer (probably with the addition “junior” even when I’m nearing forty). But after I went through the first parts of it quite easily, I slowed down near the end of the first part that concerns Front End Development, as I realized, that I needed more practice and repetition to be able to solve the so called “Ziplines”, small Front End Projects in the curriculum. To get that, I started to have a look at the courses on and tried some of them. I did not like all of them, but the courses from the Specialization “Responsive Website Development and Design” from the University of London really worked for me and I am now in the middle of the third course which teaches the use of a platform called “Meteor.js“, that combines Frond and Back End development and plan to complete the last two courses that are open for non paying users of Coursera around the beginning of January.

January will also be the start of a new run of the probably somewhat famous by now course Gamification by the University of Pennsylvania. I would have missed this course, were it not for a tweet by another Camper.

This is how my learning stands so far, but I suppose I might have to write about some changes in the online learning world. That will have to wait for the next blogpost.

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