Writing101: Unlocking my Habits

Building habits is something that is of recurring interest to me. I did some but not all of the exercises of “blogging101” from Blogging University in the last month and in the process, I got back into writing, not only online, but also offline, after some time (years) where I just did not have the time, at least that is what I wold myself. But that is the thing about habits: If you have habit, you will also have the time to follow it, if something is no habit, you will often find excuses not to do it. This of course relates to all habits, good and bad.

The biggest change to my life that one change of habits brought to me was when I stopped smoking ten years ago. When I succeeded it was very easy and natural and the benefits are enormous: I feel better, I am healthier, I taste more, I smell more. Just by dropping one habit. But when I was still a smoker, there was nothing that could stop me from smoking a cigarette at least every two hours, mostly every hour. Not the lack of money, not the lack of time.

So while I have experienced a great change by dropping a bad habit, I am still trying to consciously develop new, wanted healthy habits. Doing yoga every day is one of them, where I am on a good way. Writing is another one, where I need a lot more practice and regularity. That’s why I am writing this. As a first text for the “writing101” course from the Blogging University. I really want my wanted habits to become as strong as my smoking habit was, back in the day.

In these three paragraphs, I actually learned something about my writing and blogging:
The task was to simply write for twenty minutes, without preparing a topic. Just to write.
I struggled with that more then I expected, because English is not my first language and I tend to think a lot more about what I write, when I write in English, than when I write in German. Usually I like that. The thinking part of writing is one of my favorites. But in just writing down my thoughts, it really got in the way. I am not sure what I will do about it. Write some more in german? Try to get more fluent in writing in English? Just take it as it is and enjoy it? I am leaning toward the last option.


One thought on “Writing101: Unlocking my Habits

  1. I think it IS hard to develop the habit of writing. And for today, yeah, you wrote for 20 minutes without preparing a topic, and just wrote. And you did a great job! But, I don’t want to just “write,” like, stream of consciousness for my blog. I can’t just sit down and write and post it! At least not every post! But, it would certainly help to develop a habit of writing. Maybe I could just write every day, and sometimes, those scribblings would become posts. Hmmm.
    But for you, today, great post!

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