Blogging101: Day 5 – Love your theme

This post is another one, that is part of the course “Blogging101”.

Choosing a theme

While I have not completed last days task, I decided, that playing around with the themes could be fun.

Misty Lake

At the beginning, there was Misty Lake a traditional blog-theme with light background, black writing and green decorations. I like it, because it is simple and natural at the same time. But the task is to try different themes, so I will do that.


The assignment also says: “Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.”


The first part is easy: In the last days, I have seen Writr a few times and liked how it looks. But I don’t want to have my blog look like just another Writr-themed-blog, so a question I have to answer is: Is it customizable?
The preview is nice, but to really try a theme, I have to install it on my blog and change things around. I did that with Writr. I installed it, changed the colours and uploaded a header image. After that, I can say, that I like the theme. There is only one small thing, that is not to my taste: I like fonts with serifs for reading and Writer only comes with a sans-serif font.
While I was on it, I took cherylhooverowen idea and changed the blog title.


Afterward, I scrolled through the themes that were in my two criteria: free (as in beer) and responsive, because we have the year 2015.

Hemingway Rewritten

Minnow looked good in the little picture, but Hemingway Rewritten was another theme, that I had come to like, after I had seen it on other blogs. I Espacially like the parallax effect in the header. This one, I activated too and the only thing that it lacks is something that I lack: a fitting header image.



I said, that I like fonts with serifs, so I just had to try Typo.
It looks very nice and I like it, but it is perhaps a little to serious.


Temporary Winner: Hemingway Rewritten

In the end, the modern layout with parallax effect won the day. But I will maybe try some more themes over the weekend and try to find a good individual header omage.


4 thoughts on “Blogging101: Day 5 – Love your theme

  1. I believe you’ve got a winner here! I use Hemingway Rewritten also, but the way you customized it with the beautiful header image makes it really ideal and striking. I love this look!

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