Not there, but on the way … to a new name and tagline

The second day of Blogging101 does not necessary involve writing a blog post. Instead, the task is to change the name and the title of the blog. It is not a hard rule, that everybody in the course has to change these, but we have to at least think about it  (maybe with the help of some advice). Until now, I haven’t come up with a name or a tagline. I have thought about it and at the beginning of the day, I was convinced, that I would want the old words to stay the same: “Doxanthropos” was the name of my first blog and the tagline “Yet another Journal of unconnected thoughts” was as unspecific, as I wanted it to be. But while I was at work, the doubts came: “Maybe it is time for something new, the blog is clearly not the same as the old one.”, “Am I just to lazy to think about another name?” Now after I have read the advice for naming again, I have made a decision: The old name has to go. My post yesterday was way more specific, about what I want to do with this blog than “Yet another Journal of unconnected thoughts” and Doxanthropos isn’t what this is going to be about either. It is a word, I made up for my first blog combining the ancient greek words “doxa” (opinion) and “anthropos” (human). The tagline that came with it was “Meinen ist menschlich.” (roughly: having opinions is only human) a pun on the latin proverb “errare humanum est“. Both were appropriate for a blog with mostly political comments, but I now realize, that this is not true for this new blog. So I gave it a try based on my first Blogging101-post and after considering “To late for the Renaissance. Failing to learn about everything, but trying repeatedly” I settled for now with “Amazed webfarer. On the Journey of learning and growing”. I am not really content with it. It seriously lacks a pun, but it is better than the old one. So be warned, the title of this blog might change in the next days.


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