Writing about online learning and other things

“Isn’t the internet amazing?”

That’s what I thought some years ago, when I first learned about blogs and the freedom and possibilities, that come with freely available publishing technologies and I never stopped thinking that. Over the years, some new things emerged (like MOOCs) and others came to my attention, but have been there for a long time (like usenet-newsgroups). My amazement did not shrink, but it found some more specific interests to concentrate on: online learning, online journalism and online activism. That’s what I want to write about on this blog.

I have had others, more political, more technical, two of them are still in my profile, one (in german) where I write about Linux, Minimalism and one, where I plan to write about code, when I have to.

To really start this blog and get into the habit of writing about my thoughts at a regular basis, I take part in an online course by wordpress.com, more specific the “Blogging University” with the name “Blogging 101”. So when there is a tag “blogging101” on my posts, it refers to this course. Aside from helping to build a habit, I hope to learn in this course some things about blogging, about myself as a writer and learner and not the least, to learn about this special kind of online course.

As I am somewhat passionate about online learning, I have the luck to work at my Universities eLearning department, where I give technical support to professors and teachers, being qualified for this task by some years of studying philosophy, sociology and history.

Of course I also look forward to get to know some of the other participants of this course.


4 thoughts on “Writing about online learning and other things

  1. I think you’ll learn a lot in here and if you travel around to other blogs, you’ll gain a real “feel” for what is going on out there in the world. This is really a caring group. Welcome!

    • Thank you for your kind comment. My first impression is exactly like that. A lot of different people with different stories and topics, but all of them seem very nice.

    • I think, we will not only grow new habits, but also get to know some people to share these habits. Lilypup seems to be quite right about this group.

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