#edcmooc the Second Time

Obviously, the last time I took the course E-Learning and Digital Cultures from the University of Edinburgh, I didn’t do much of the course. My offline life took away my time. But I followed the course along and was very impressed by the quality and intensity of the interaction this course encouraged. So when there was the announcement of another run, there was no question for me, if I would enroll again.
Since last year I have tried some other moocs on different subjects and until now #edcmooc is the only one that is able to use strategies of the so called cmoocs and xmoocs at the same time.

Before engaging with the current course material I had a look at the EDC MOOC News and found two blog posts, that I could relate to.

The first one is The MOOCs Explorer: A Tale Of Two MOOCs #edcmooc, which sums a lot of my impressions of the different kinds of moocs and why #edcmooc is different.

The second is Not bad but dangerous: Who’s afraid of the big, bad MOOC? #EDCMOOC, maybe a warning, but certainly a hint to a critical perspective, that is not fatalism, but “pessimistic activism”. I think the idea of the panopticon is not the only one from the repertoire of Foucaults thinking that could be applied to understand moocs and their relation to society better.

Let’s see what this mooc has in store for us.


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