Beginning a new blog for a mooc #edcmooc

This is not my first blog, but it is the first blogpost in a long time. Most of the time I tend to be more of a listener and reader than a writer.

But since one of the steps to succeed in a MOOC is to have one place to take notes about the course and make them available for other participiants, I am reviving my account to do just this.

The MOOC I am taking is E-Learning and Digital Cultures by the University of Edinburgh, on the coursera-platform.

My interest in this topic has grown in the last years. It has begun with a general interest in online-cultures that emerged with the so-called “Web2.0”, but in the last couple of years grew into the direction of e-learning through my work at our universities e-learning department and the political interest in freedom and openness, like they are expressed by the Free Software Movement. Espacially the rise of MOOCS is something that I watch and take (although passive) part in, because it seems to make real, what the pioneers of the net thought about the impact that their technology would have on education worldwide. In this respect we seem to experience one phase of technological development, that is, after long years of pragmatic realism, more inspired by utopic thinking. I like that.