Where does creativity come from?

How to become a travelling yogi

Yesterday, after practicing yoga, I looked through some videos about yoga on youtube and happened to find one short interview with the Ashtanga Yoga teacher Mark Robberrds, who talked about how he came to be a travelling yoga teacher.
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Still learning

Yesterday I read an insightful article about the value of blogs for academics and students. While I agreed with the content, I had to realize, that I myself had not blogged for a long time about anything, let alone about my experiences in learning (maybe you remember that I started to follow the curriculum of freeCodeCamp) and that with missing out in this part, I did not come to reflect on what I was learning in the past month as much as it would be advisable (and it is advisable to reflect on your own learning). So I will try to catch up with that.

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Paths of Past Lives: The Wrath of Achilles and the Enlightenment of the Buddha

We all learn from our successes and mistakes, at least sometimes. But with humanity and history having been around for quite some time now, we also learn from those who came before us. Going back in time, we can find plenty of possible paths of living described on old texts and possible idols to imitate in the stories of old. The pressing question to answer, when confronted with this kind of material is, whether these paths are still relevant today and these idols are still fitting for a modern world.
Two of these resources are the hero tales of antiquity on one hand and the teachings of Buddha on the other.
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Creative Coding: The first two weeks

The second week of the courses I wrote about in my last post is over. A good time, to report about my impressions so far.

While the course material is not new to me (as I wrote last in the last post, it is not the first time for me to start the courses), especially the course on Futurelearn made me think a lot about computers and art.

I also enjoyed seeing that one of the fellow students of the last run of the course, Jerome Herr, now works as a moderator in the forums. He has since the last time done a lot with Processing, the language used in both courses, and his work together with some starting points for people interested in learning can be found on his Tumblr. But he is by far not the only Processing artist on that platform, one blog that collects works from many artists and in so doing serves as a good starting point for anyone interested in finding more art is For Your Processing. Somehow Tumblr seems to be a nice place to share art in general and especially generated art, that often comes in the form of pictures, videos or animated gifs.

So because I see this blog here more as a place to write, I decided to reactivate my old own Tumblr account and repurpose it to computer generated art. I am not really content with its name and its look, but I am certain that the experiences from doing the Blogging101 course with this blog will help me to bring it in shape.

As I am at the same time learning more about web development (more on that in another post), I will certainly convert some of the projects from Processing into HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but that is something I will have to talk more about when I have the first examples.

So to sum it up: I am having fun especially with the Futurelearn course and with Processing and hope everyone else has too.

Learning a craft from zero to employable

In June after I read through some blogposts from ashbotandsparki, I found one where she reblogged a short post from sounjawalters that described how the curriculum of a site called freeCodeCamp has been growing since she visited it the first time.
I had not heard about this site before and reminded myself to have a look sometime, it seemed interesting. Then I did other things and forgot about it. A week ago, I remembered and actually had a look at the site, registered and started to walk through the first steps on the curriculum.
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